Guide to the Dakota Territory Centennial Papers at the Leland D. Case Library of Western Historical Studies

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Dakota Territory Centennial
Title: Dakota Territory Centennial Papers
Dates: 1925-1961
Quantity: 1 box(es) (.02 linear feet)
Collection ID: MSS.DTC
Repository: Leland D. Case Library of Western Historical Studies
E.Y. Berry Library-Learning Center
Black Hills State University
Spearfish, SD 57799

Biographical Note

1961 was the 100th year of the Dakota Territory. On March 2, 1861, James Buchanan, president of the United States, set his hand to the creating of Dakota Territory. The City of Yankton became the capital of a territory that embraced what are now the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, parts of Montana and Wyoming. Pierre Dorin was the first white man to establish a home in the vicinity of Yankton in 1870. He married an Indian woman and settled at the mouth of the James River. The period between 1861 and 1889, when the Dakota Territory was split into states, became a fierce period of internal struggle. After a much contested and bitter fight, Bismarck, North Dakota, then Bismarck Dakota Territory became the territorial Capital. Ensuing years saw the separation of the Dakota Territory into North and South Dakota, leaving only parts of Montana and Wyoming of the original Territory. The first Governor of Dakota Territory was the personal physician of the President of the United States, William Jayne, appointed by Buchanan. The first legislature was small and consisted of more political figures rather than farmers of the area.

Scope and Contents

General Information Sheets, Greetings, Schedule of Events, Books, Papers, Letters, History, Lists, Suggested Program, Committees, Articles, Script, Bibliography, Publications, Calendar, Pamphlets, Postcard, Read Card

Preferred Citation

Dakota Territory Centennial Papers, Leland D. Case Western Historical Studies


Collection consists of any folder containing the following types of materials: General Information Sheets, Greetings from the State Chairman, Schedule of Events, Papers, Letters 1960-1961, History of Black Hills Teachers College Library, The Dakota Territory Centennial Suggested Program for South Dakota Schools, Committee on Education, Price List, Mrs. Maud Carter, Articles, Script for National Library Week, Supplemental Lists of S.D. materials, Bibliography, Publications 1965, Book Purchased, Calendar of Events, Pamphlets, Postcard 1961, Read Card 1961-1962.

Box Item
1 1 “General Information sheets” (2 copies)
2 “Suggested feature story on the background history of Dakota” by Inga Hansen Dickerson (2 copies)
3 Greetings from the State Chairman
4 Schedule of events
5 Books pertaining to the Black Hills
6 “Dakota Gold Rush - 1876” by Inga Hansen Dickerson
7 “Bonesteel” by Dr. Donald Parker, State College
8 “Yankton” by Dr. Donald Parker, State College
9 “Pickstown” Dr. Donald Parker, State College
10 “Religion Pioneered in Dakota Territory” by Inga Hansen Dickerson
11 “Forts Across Dakota-Land”
12 “Music in South Dakota” by Louise G. Curren
13 “Dakota Territorial Governors” by Inga Hansen Dickerson
14 “Dakotan’s Showered Zeal for Education” by Inga Hansen Dickerson
15 “Steamboat Blazed Trail” by Inga Hansen Dickerson
16 “Dakota Capitol Fight Dramatic Era” by Inga Hansen Dickerson
17 “Railroad Follows Steamboat” by Inga Hansen Dickerson
18 Significant historical dates (timeline)
19 “Sioux City” by Dr. Donald Parker, State College
20 “Washington” by Dr. Donald Parker, State College
21 Letter to “Librarian” from Mary Lou Lund
22 “Elk Point” by Dr. Donald Parker, State College
23 “Brookings” by Dr. Donald Parker, State College
24 Letter to Miss Dorette Darling from Doris M. Phillips
25 Letter to “Librarian” from Mary Lou Lund
26 “History of Black Hills Teachers College Library” by Doris Phillips
27 Book seller list of Dakota books
28 Suggested editorial by Inga Hansen Dickerson
29 Dakota Territorial Centennial suggested program for South Dakota Schools
30 Booklist Dakota Books
31 Lawrence County Territorial Centennial
32 Letter to Mrs. Ronald Phillips from Dorette Darling
33 Oster’s [bookseller] Book list
34 Price list Dakota Centennial Souvenirs
35 Transcript from Anemone, September 25, 1925 Mrs. Maud Carter, Our Librarian
36 Transcript from Anemone, January 23, 1925 Phi Kappa Phi Dance Augments Library Substantially
37 Transcript from Anemone, January 16, 1925 “Immediate Aid”
38 National Library Week Transcript [Interview] Doris [Phillips] and Dorrette [Darling]
39 Book list Dakota Books
40 Oster’s [bookseller] booklist
41 “Supplemental list of S.D. Materials”
42 Bibliography of South Dakota Books
43 Oster’s [bookseller] booklist
44 Bibliography Publications of the South Dakota Museum and the South Dakota Archaeological Commission Fall 65
45 List of books purchased
46 Partial list of South Dakota books showing prices by several dealsers in Americana compiled by Dorette Darling Homestake Library (3 copies)
47 Bibliography
48 Bibliography of South Dakota State Planning Board Publications, 1939
49 Calendar of events Centennial 1861-1961
50 Flyer South Dakota books and pamhlets
51 National Library Week calendar
52 Pamphlet Dakota Territorial Centennial
53 Booklist J.H. Jansen Publisher