Guide to the Joseph R. Douda Black Hills Railroading Collection

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Joseph R. Douda
Title: Joseph R. Douda Black Hills Railroading Collection
Dates: 1902-1972
Quantity: 122 items
Collection ID: MSS015
Repository: Leland D. Case Library of Western Historical Studies
E.Y. Berry Library-Learning Center
Black Hills State University
Spearfish, SD 57799

Biographical Note

Joseph Douda was born on September 19, 1933, in Chicago, Illinois. In May of 1937, Joseph and his family relocated to a farm south of Westmont, Illinois. In August of 1942, they moved into the village of Westmont. Joseph attended public schools in Westmont until 1948 and graduated from Downers Grove High School with the class of 1952. Further education included trade school, the DeVray Institute, class of 1953.

After school, Joseph worked for the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Company in the map department, as an investigator in 1952; in train service from September 1952 to January 1953; and in the Freight Claim Department as and investigator. Joseph then went on to work as an apprentice electrician at the Fisher Body division of General Motors on October 8, 1953; and graduated from the four-year course, which was based on hours worked and hours of schooling, in December of 1955. Joseph became interested in Black Hills Railroading during the fall of 1952.

On a personal note, Joseph married Joanne Wright on June 26, 1971, with whom he had two daughters: Kathryn Ann, born April 14, 1972, and Diane Lynn, born May 7, 1973. He retired on June 30, 1989 from the Buick, Oldsmobile, and Cadillac division of General Motors, which was the successor to the Fisher Body Division.

Joseph has been to the Black Hills every year, sometimes twice per year, from 1956 until 1989, and again in 2000. He belongs to the Burlington Route Historical Society and is a charter member. He was honored as a researcher on October 14, 2006 by the BRHS in recognition of preserving Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad's history. Most of his work was done at the Newberry Library and C, B & Q headquarters in Chicago from 1952 through 2003. He regrets that he is no longer able to do field research but is still active in the Society. Joseph has also written several brief articles on C, B & Q history, which have been published.

Books that Joseph has been involved with include several by the late Bernard Corbin and three C, B & Q passenger car books by William Glick. He also coauthored an article on B & M R locomotives with Al J.J. Holck.

Scope and Contents

Collection includes over 35 large format drawings and maps and other written documents relating to area railroads. For instance, one of the more interesting maps details the Chicago and Northwestern Narrow Gauge lines through the Bald Mountain and Ruby Basin mining districts. Drawn by the railroad company in 1914, the map not only highlights the C&NW rail lines, but also the Burlington's, and the area mines. Among the written documents is the "Register of Enginemen at Deadwood" from 1927-1958. This is a full record of train activity in Deadwood, listing what trains came to town and left, their point of origin or destination, the engines used, and the engineers and firemen involved, on a daily basis. From the pages of this register come the intimate details of railroading in Deadwood over a 31-year period.

Acquisition Information

Received August 2005.

Related Material

Microfilm of Deadwood Engineer registers; Joseph R. Douda Black Hills Railroading Collection - Photographs; Some collection material available in DLSD

Preferred Citation

Joseph R. Douda Black Hills Railroading Collection, Leland D. Case Western Historical Studies

Processing Information

Beshka Ringstad and David Nickel

Detailed Description of the Collection

Collection consists primarily of maps and mechanical drawings. There are also several engine registers from Deadwood.

Drawer Folder - item
43 1-1 to 52 Alliance Division Maps (shows sidings & alignments of tracks for entire division). Includes one full set of 33 pages where print is backwards; another partial set of Black Hills lines is printed correctly
1-53 to 57 Plans, Elevation sheet and certificate of sale
1-58 Sheets detailing CB&Q Narrow Gauge Equipment: Deadwood Central Locomotives, Deadwood Central Rolling Stock. Sheets include size, origin, and other data
1-59 to 60 Plans & Elevation Drawings of the FE&MV Depot for Crown Hill, SD (cross listed as 2-23, vary in size)
1-61 Floor plan of the Newell C&NW Depot 7/15/1940
1-62 Way Car Plans for CB&Q Car #204725
1-63 Chicago & Northwestern Station
1-64 Map of Nemo area railroad tracks, produced by the CB&Q originally in 1902, corrected to 1927 1972
1-65 to 67 CB&Q Rail Yards in Deadwood. 3 sheets
2-1 Mylar C&NW Narrow Gauge Map which shows both the Burlington and the C&NW line through the Bald Mountain, Ruby Basin mining districts and around Lead. Many mine names are included. About 22"X17" 1/1914
2-2 Mylar CB&Q Map of lines North, East, and West of Englewood. About 18"X22" (Also, a paper copy with printing reversed.) 1902
2-3 Plans for Deadwood's Two Stall Engine house, two sheets. About 24"X36" (May be the Roundhouse Plat that Joe lists as #3.) 1930 and 1952
2-4 Mylar CB&Q lines of Railroad North of Englewood, about 14"X23". 1904
2-5 to 6 Sanborn maps of Terry, 19"X24". Two maps 1903
2-7 to 9 Photocopies of three USGS Maps, one of Lead, one of South Deadwood, and one of North Deadwood
2-10 to 13 Four Mylar copies of USGS Maps, Deadwood, Deadwood North, Deadwood South, Spearfish
2-14 to 16 Photocopies of three USGS maps, 2 of Deadwood and 1 of Spearfish 1916
2-17 Print of Erecting Card 3636, which shows details BH&FP engines #6 and #7. 2 copies of the 24"X18" drawings
2-18 Paper map of CB&Q yards at Deadwood. 3 copies 1912
2-19 Drawing of Bi-Metallic Mine Car, Montana
2-20 Mylar copy of Erecting #3688
2-21 2 paper copies of Ruby Basin Lines Lead to Englewood.
2-22 Plans & Elevation Drawings of the FE&MV Depot for Crown Hill, SD. (Cross listed as 1-4, vary in size) 2 copies
3-1 to 17 Bundle of assorted USGS Maps
3-18 to 19 Lines west
3-20 to 42 Bundle of assorted USGS Maps
3-43 to 45 Maps of Kellog, Pottsville and Mullin, Idaho
Roll Item
1 1 Mylar 6'X31" C&MW map of Blacktail to Lead, detailing track alignments & claims along the way
2 Mylar 12' long C&NW map of Rapid City
3 Mylar Map showing C&NW Nisland to Newell, 42"X25"
Roll Item
2 1 Mylar 12'X31" C&NW map showing rack alignment from Whitewood to Blacktail.
2 Mylar Section map of the Black Hills done by the C&NW
Roll Item
3 1 C&NW map of Belle Fourche, 30"X6' 1910
2 Station Map showing Lands, Tracks, and Structures for the C&NW at Lost Springs, WY. 5'X2' 1917
Roll Item
4 1 Station Map showing Lands, Tracks and Structures for the C&NW at Shawnee, WY. 50"X24" 6/30/1917
2 Drawing of C&NW Combination Station, 2'X4' 1910
3 Three sheets that detail the building of a station, and a Bill of Materials. Probably go with station listed above, C&NW
4 Station Map for the C&NW at Illco, WY, 25"X22"
5 Five sheets with references to Deadwood Street Railway. One sheet has distinct references to the line, the others are vague
Box File
1 1 Deadwood Engine Registers
Box File
2 1 Deadwood Engine Registers
Box File
3 1 Deadwood Engine Registers
Box File
4 1 Summary of narrow gauge trips out of Deadwood
2 Locomotives of the Deadwood Central Railroad Company