Guide to the Marion Vaughn Papers

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Marion Vaughn
Title: Marion Vaughn Papers
Dates: 1916-1982
Quantity: 1 box(es) (0.35 cubic feet)
Collection ID: MSS.Vaughn
Repository: Leland D. Case Library of Western Historical Studies
E.Y. Berry Library-Learning Center
Black Hills State University
Spearfish, SD 57799

Biographical Note

Marion Vaughn graduated High School in 1916, she also received a diploma in English from Centralia Township High School, Illinois in 1918. She honorably served as a member of Advisory for Registrants in the Selective Service System of the United States from April 24, 1942 to March 31, 1947. Also becoming State American Legion Auxiliary President in 1943. In 1954, Marion ran for mayor of Spearfish and was elected. In doing so she became the first women to run for a political office and the first women to be elected to office in Spearfish, South Dakota. She and her husband were featured in many newspapers in the 1980s on anniversaries, and reunions, both were involved in the public sphere of Spearfish.

Scope and Contents

Newspaper clipping, button, pins, photographs, Certificates, Programs, Cookbook, Notes, Diplomas, Newsletters, Badges, Scrapbooks, Stripes, Book.

Preferred Citation

Marion Vaughn Papers, Leland D. Case Western Historical Studies

Processing Information

Colleen Kirby

Detailed Description of the Collection

Queen City Mail newspaper clippings 1945-1982, Button, Pins, Photographs 1918-1971, Certificates 1942-1947, Program 1945, Cookbook, Notes, Diplomas 1914-1922, Newsletters 1943-1944, Badges, Scrapbooks 1943-1955, Stripes from a military uniform, Who's Who for South Dakota 1961.

Box Folder
1 1 American Legion Booklets and Certificates, 1942-1947
1 Dedication Fort Meade Veterans Administration Hospital Program, 1945
1 South Dakota Legionette, 1943-1944
1 Membership and Unit Activities pamphlet for American Legion, 1943-1944
1 American Legion Auxiliary Official Proceedings, 1944
1 Distinguished Community Service Award to Walter Vaughn, 1942
1 Certificate of Service for the Selective Service System to Marion Vaughn, 1942-1947
1 National News of the American Legion Vol. XVIII, No. 5, 1944
1 Marion Vaughn's invitation to become member of Beta Nu Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, n.d
1 Scrapbook of American Legion and American Legion Auliliary-Includes various newspaper clippings, telegrams, photographs and letters. Transferred to Room 210, Map Drawer 40, 1943-1944
1 Scrapbook of newspaper clippings, newsletters, and letter of Marion Vaughn's years at the Mayor of Spearfish, SD. Transferred to Room 210, Map Drawer 40, 1954-1955
1 Marion Vaughn's High School Diploma, from State of Illinois., May 12, 1916
1 Marion Vaughn's Diploma in English form Centralia Township High School, Illinois. Transferred to Room 210, Map Drawer 39, June 4, 1918
1 Stripes form military uniform; Badges from American Legion; 1 Button form American Legion and 1 pin from "Worlds Only Corn Palace, Mitchell, S. Dak." Transferred to Room 211 Case Realia Box 2, n.d
2 Newspaper clips and Newspapers, Various
2 News clipping of "Peek at the Past" looking at 1892,1928,1954,1976. The 1954 description is of Marion Vaughn being first woman candidate for mayor., April 1, 1992
2 News clipping of "Dickey, Vaughn honored at Dinner" with picture of Marvin Holmlund, Walter Dickey, Walter Vaughn, Red Shuttler and Guy Giltner. Fifty years of membership present., n.d
2 News clipping of "Son and Father" picturing Edward Vaughn and Walter Vaughn side by side., Dec 6, 1945
2 News clippings of "The day the Thermometer Went Wild", 1943
2 News clipping of "Town's First Scoutmaster Joins Salute", 1980
2 News clipping of "BH Sig Taus plan fair to spur historical interest" Walter Vaughn is Alumni member of the committee., n.d
2 News clipping of "Heritage The Mayor was a Lady" Marion Vaughn as mayor., April 2, 1980
2 News clipping of "Peek at the Past" Marion Vaughn's run for mayor on April 8, 1954, April 8, 1992
2 News clipping of "Activities are Outlined for Retarded Children's Week" Marion Vaughn visited the children., Nov.1955
2 News clipping of "Mayor Illuminates Lane" Marion Vaughn flips switch to light up Main Street., Dec. 1954
2 News clipping of Mrs. Walter J. Vaughn becoming mayor , June 10, 1954
2 News clipping of "First woman mayor recalls experience" outlining men getting use to a female mayor., n.d
2 News picture "Reminiscing" has Walter Vaughn and others sharing memories of fires fought long ago as volunteer fire fighters, n.d
2 News picture of "Grads" Walter Vaughn joined by three other graduates of the 1920s for a "half century" or more photo., July 9, 1980
2 News picture of "Honored" featuring Walter Vaughn and wife, and two other men and there wives who served in World War I., Nov. 19, 1980
2 News picture of "Day to Remember" featuring Marion Vaughn displaying a photo of the Freedom Foundation award presented to Passion Play in 1954., 1954
2 News clipping of "Spearfish Lady and Flandreau Man Head Legion State Groups" Marion Vaughn was named state Auxiliary President of American Legion., 1944
2 Queen City Mail Summer of '82 paper, 1982
2 News clipping of "Heritage" Evelyn Heinbaugh coming back to the Queen City Mail, wants to be near the Marion Vaughns and other., n.d
2 Sports section of Queen City Mail., April 2, 1980
3 5 Photographs with Marion Vaughn in them, n.d.
3 Queen City Mail whole newspaper, Dec.6, 1945
4 Who's Who for South Dakota , 1961
4 Queen City Mail whole newspaper , Dec 6, 1945
5 AAUW Agents of charge report, 1954
5 Queen City Mail newspaper, at top hand written: Election Mayor, April 22, 1954
5 Queen City Mail newspaper, at top hand written: Walter graduation, April 2, 1954
6 Cook Book (no cover), n.d
6 Photo of Marion Vaughn by Black Hills Studios. Inc. Spearfish S.D., n.d
6 Photo of 24 Annual Grand Promenade Department du South Dakota 40 et 8, Pierre, June 20-21-22-23, 1942; on back hand written front row left Walter Vaughn (first in line), June 23, 1942
6 Official Photo U.S. AAF by AAF Training Command 16807-15, Sioux Falls Army Air Field, Sioux Falls South Dakota. Marion Vaughn, June 19, 1944
6 Photo of Marion Vaughn, n.d
6 School photo, Marion Vaughn 2nd seated in front row, 1918
6 Transparent photo about 3 inches by 2 inches of man outside of car, n.d
7 American Legion Auxiliary Photo Album, Various