Guide to the Queen City Business and Professional Women's Club At the Leland D. Case Library for Western Historical Studies

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Queen City Business and Professional Women's Club
Title: Queen City Business and Professional Women's Club Papers
Dates: 1953-1987
Quantity: 15 box(es) (7.30 cubic feet)
Collection ID: MSS.OCB&PW
Repository: Leland D. Case Library of Western Historical Studies
E.Y. Berry Library-Learning Center
Black Hills State University
Spearfish, SD 57799

Organizational History

The first organizational meeting for the Queen City Business and Professional Women´s Club was held on January, 27, 1967 at Kelley´s Motor Inn in Spearfish, South Dakota. Thirty-eight women from Spearfish, Belle Fourche, and Rapid City were in attendance to support the establishment of the local chapter of the National Federation of Business and Professional Women´s Club. The national organization was created in 1919 to promote equity and opportunity for women in the business world. The local Queen City chapter was created to raise standards for professional and business women, foster cooperation among these women, and proliferate opportunities for these women through education through industrial, scientific, and vocational activities. Membership was open to any woman considered “gainfully employed.”

Mrs. Gene Steffen was named temporary chairperson, then elected president at the first business meeting. Mrs. Virgil Bentele was named secretary. The nominating committee members included Charlotte Bryant, Mesdames Jay Gorhan, Glen Collins, and Ronald Halling. Finance committee members included Rita Hill, Wilma Stinson, and Mrs. Obed Olsen. The laws committee consisted of Mrs. Joseph Sparrow, Mrs. Gene Steffen, and Gene Dittus.

The club´s activities included attending annual district, state, and national conventions, honoring local businesswomen, and helping members achieve personal development. The organization also developed the State Young Career Woman´s Program to facilitate professional development among young women.

Scope and Contents

Handbooks, Treasurer's workshop, Guidelines, Woman of Achievement, Dakota State Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc., Officers and Committee Chairmen, Bylaws, Letters, Memos, Manuals, Bibliography, Booklets, Books, Reports, State Directory, Directory of Local Organization Officers and Committee Chairpersons, Fact Sheets, Leadership, Leadership Seminar, Yarn emblem, Slide Presentation, Script for Foundation Slide Presentation, Foundation Contributions, Tax Forms, Minutes, Treasurer's Records, Guidelines, Finance, Receipts, Forms, Ledger Books, Misc., Foundation-- Annual reports, Misc., Brochure, Quiz, Projects, and Activities, Business Women's Week, Conventions, Bank Statements, Funds Contributed to Women in Crisis Coalition, Savings Account Statements, Secret Witness- Bank and Savings, Account Statements, Clippings, Misc., Membership Applications, Membership and Discontinued Membership cards, Membership Records, Membership- Campaign Kit, Handbook, Induction, Membership-- Flyers, Blank Membership Form, Ceremonies, Benediction Card, Awards-- Women of achievement, National Program Awards, Membership Growth Awards, Young Career Woman, Emblem- Catalogs, Order Forms, 50th Anniversary, Stationery, Envelopes, In memory cards, Individual Development Plan- Course I, Course II, Certificates, Scrolls, Sample Evaluation and Registration Forms, Order Forms, Misc. Prayer Breakfasts, National Business Woman, Newsletters, Correspondence, Songs, Brochures, Invitations, Certificates, Miscellaneous- Pamphlets, Cards, Emblem, Pin, Scrapbook.

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Queen City Business and Professional Women's Club, Leland D. Case Western Historical Studies

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Dora Jones


Box 1: Handbooks-president, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Foundation Committee, District Representative, Finance Committee, Civic Participation Committee, Auditing Committee, Historian, Legislative Committee, Reservation, Special Activities Committee, Women of Achievement Committee, Individual Development Committee, Federation Procedures, Dakota State Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Officers and Committee Chairman-1968-1985. Bylaws 1967-1982, Letter 1967-1982, Memo 1980-1982. Box 2: Handbooks, Manuals, Bibliography 1953-1977, Community Survey on the Status of Women- report, State offices and/or holders-1981-1986, Directory of Local Organization Officers and Committee Chairpersons- 1986-1988. Box 3: Fact Sheets 1968, Leadership 1985-1987, Leadership Seminar 1984, Foundation- Yarn emblem, Slide Presentation, Script for Foundation Slide Presentation, Foundation Contributions/ Tax Forms 1972-1986. Box 4: Minutes 1966-1986. Box 5: Treasurer's Records, Guidelines 1967-1987, Foundation Annual Report 1981-1984, 1980-1984 Annual Report- booklet, Projects and Activities 1970-71, Business Women's Week 1980-1985, Conventions 1975. Box 6: Bank Statements 1967-1987, Funds Contributed to Women in Crisis Coalition, Inc. 1988. Box 7: Savings Account Statements- Bank of Belle Fourche, Pioneer Bank & Trust 1982-1986, Secret Witness- Bank & Savings Account Statements, Clippings, Miscellaneous 1978-1984, Insurance, Membership Application 1967-1981, Membership and Discontinued Membership cards 1968-1973, Membership Records 1967-1987. Box 8: Membership- Campaign Kit, Handbook, Induction, Membership- Flyers, Miscellaneous 1971-1972, Blank Membership Forms, Membership- Application Forms, Welcome Booklets, Ceremonies, Benediction Card, Collect, Awards- Women of Achievement, National Program Award, Membership Growth Awards, Young Career Woman 1973-1987, Emblem- Catalogs, Order Forms 1981-1984, 50th Anniversary 1928-1978. Box 9: Stationery, Envelopes, In Memory Cards, Individual Development Plan Course I 1982-83, Individual Development Plan- Course II, Individual Development Plan- Certificates, Scrolls, IDP-Sample Evaluation and Registration Forms, Order Forms, Misc., Prayer Breakfasts, national Business Woman -1982-1983, South Dakota Business Woman 1977-1987, Newsletters 1982-1986. Box 10: Correspondence 1974-1987, Songs, Brochures 1984-85, Invitations, Certificates, Miscellaneous- Pamphlets, Cards, Emblem Pin 1985. Box 11: Scrapbook. President Information Box 12: Scrapbook. Box 13: Scrapbook. Box 14: Misc Items. Box 15: Women of Achievement.

Box Folder
1 1 Handbook about Parliamentary Procedure 1953
2 Handbook of Federation Procedures 1957
3 BPW Action Manual 1966
4 Handbook of Federation Procedures 1968
5 Handbook of Policies and Procedures 1969
6 Handbook of BPW 1973
7 Handbook: Working Women 1975
8 Handbook: Work Force Entry by Mature Women 1977
9 Bylaws 1967-1978
10 Bylaws 1978-1985
Box Folder
2 1 Club Minutes Feb. 1967-Dec 1973 Feb. 1967-Dec 1973
2 Club Minutes Jan 1974-Dec 1979
3 Club Minutes Jan 1980-June 1987
4 District, State, and National Meetings 1975-1980
5 Report on Spouse Abuse in South Dakota Sept 1977
6 Handbook of QCB&PW
Box Folder
3 1 Publications: Speak Up Join BPW
2 Publications: Speak Up Join BPW
3 Business Women´s Week
4 News Paper Clippings 1977-1987
5 News Paper Clippings 1972-1983
6 News Releases and Articles 1985-1987
7 National Business Women 1982-1983
8 Annual Report 1981-1984
9 Leadership 1985-1987
10 Insurance for BPW
11 Brochures 1982-1983
Box Folder
4 1 Fact Sheet # 8 June 1967
2 Fact Sheet # 9 June 1967
3 Fact Sheet # 10 April 1968
4 Fact Sheet # 15 May 1968
5 Fact Sheet # 5 June 1968
6 Fact Sheet # 16 June 1968
7 Fact Sheet # 1 Oct. 1968
8 Fact Sheet #12 Feb. 1969
Box Folder
5 1 Treasurer´s Handbook 1967-1984
2 Treasurer´s Book and Forms 1967-1987
3 Tax Forms 1972-1985
4 Saving Account´s Statements 1982-1986
5 Bank Statements 1987-1984
6 Treasurer´s Conventions
Box Folder
6 1 Bank Statements 1967-1971
2 Bank Statements. 1971-1974
3 Bank Statements 1974-1979
4 Bank Statements 1979-1985
5 Receipts 1986-1988
6 Membership Records 1966-1979
Box Folder
7 1 Receipts 1979-1983
Box Folder
8 1 Slide Shows 1984
2 Convention
3 Christmas Songs
4 Projects and Activities
Box Folder
9 1 Membership Recorders
2 Awards 1979-1987
3 Ceremonies, Benediction, Cards
4 Emblem Order Forms 1981-1984
5 50th Anniversary black, plastic bag 1978
6 Blank Membership Forms
7 Membership Forms/Application and Welcome Book
8 Individual Development Plan 1968-1983
9 Membership and Discount Cards 1968-1973
Box Folder
10 1 Correspondence 1974-1987
2 Pamphlets, Cards
3 Certificate
4 Directory of Local Officers and Committee Chair
5 Community Service 1977
6 State Directory 1985-1986
7 Stationary
8 Individual Development Plan
9 Individual Development Plan 1982-1983
10 Sample Evaluation and Registration Forms
11 Prayer Breakfast
12 Individual Development Plan
13 Membership Application 1976-1981
Box Folder
11 1 Scrap book, and other duplicates
Box Folder
12 1 Scrap Book
Box Folder
13 1 Scrap Book 1980-1981 1980-1981
Box Folder
14 1 Guest-book, napkins, Stamps, Inkpad, etc.
Box Folder
15 1 Planning for Awards
2 Awards 1985
3 Pictures 1982
4 Awards
5 Awards and Nominees 1983-1985
6 Awards and Nominees 1981-1982
7 Awards and Nominees 1980
8 Awards and Nominees 1979
9 Awards and Nominees 1978
10 Awards and Nominees 1977
11 Awards and Nominees 1976
12 Awards and Nominees 1975
13 Awards and Nominees 1974
14 Awards and Nominees 1973
15 Awards and Nominees 1972
16 Other Stuff is in emblems, and cards