Guide to the SIL Lakota/Dakota Language Collection At the Leland D. Case Library for Western Historical Studies

Descriptive Summary

Creator: SIL International, North American Branch
Title: SIL Lakota/Dakota Language Collection
Dates: 1898-2002 (bulk dates 1970-1980)
Quantity: 9 box(es) (3.75 linear feet)
Collection ID: MSS.SIL
Repository: Leland D. Case Library of Western Historical Studies
E.Y. Berry Library-Learning Center
Black Hills State University
Spearfish, SD 57799

Organizational History

The SIL, or Summer Institute of Linguistics, was founded in 1934 by William Cameron Townsend (1896-1982). It was Townsend´s intention to thoroughly explore and document every minority language on the globe that had not yet been analyzed. Through his creation of the SIL, Townsend´s dreams have been brought to fruition and in the latter part of the twentieth century, the SIL has published studies on over 1,000 languages and is in the process of studying over 1,000 additional languages. Townsend was also instrumental in involving governmental and educational bodies in bringing more dignity and recognition to minority peoples.

Without having any formal linguistic training, Townsend immersed himself in minority culture and language, beginning with the Mayan Cakchiquel of Guatemala. The SIL, as an organization, was instituted in the summer of 1934 and had only two students, in 1935, five students attended. Subsequent summers showed increased enrollment and several students joined Townsend and his wife in Mexico to do field work. One of Townsend´s students, Kenneth Pike, who worked with Mixtec language in Oaxaca, served as the SIL´s president until 1979. His research is world-renowned.

The growing popularity of the SIL among fellow academicians culminated in the relocation of the program to the University of Oklahoma, at Norman, until 1987. The approaches and techniques of the program were considered so effective that similar programs emerged in Australia and the United Kingdom in 1951, and later in Germany. Several United States universities have also incorporated SIL´s program into their curriculum.

In the 1940´s and 1950´s SIL´s focus remained on villages in the Americas, where the observations of culture, phonology, and grammar were made and educational services were provided to the services, including alphabet systems, diglot dictionaries, and translations of the Bible. In later decades the program spread into Asia, the Pacific, Africa, the Philippines, and parts of Europe. The SIL has created a reference book entitled the Ethnologue, which is updated every four years. The most recent edition, published in 2000, listed over 6,800 identified languages. The SIL Bibliography includes over 1,600 monographs, 210 published doctoral dissertations, 323 published master´s theses, and over 8,000 published articles.

Scope and Contents

Collection mainly consists of language study materials such as grammars and dictionaries. There is also a number religious books such as hymnals and bibles translated into the Dakota and Lakota languages. Collection also contains some Lakota stories.

Acquisition Information

Received May 2007; Some copyright information is available in donor file.

Preferred Citation

SIL Lakota/Dakota Language Collection, Leland D. Case Western Historical Studies

Processing Information

Beshka Ringstad, Bobbi Sago


Series: Dakota Language
Box Folder
1 1 English and Dakota Service Book: Common Prayer 1895
2 English-Dakota dictionary 1911
3 Ibid. 1911
3 English and Dakota Service Book: Common Prayer 1918
4 Wotapi waken kin baptisma waken kin… 1932
4 Dakota grammar, texts, and ethnography 1977
4 Dakota hymnals 1961 & 66
4 Boundary Markers in Dakota 1962
Box Folder
2 1 Teton Dakota Phonology 1974
2 Dakota Phonology and Morphology, Vol. 1 1976
3 Ibid, Vol. 2 1976
4 Dakota grammar, texts, and ethnology 1977
5 Episcopal Eucharist Lectionary 1976
Box Folder
3 1 Christians and Native American Concerns/leader´s guide 1981
1 Ibid, participant´s book 1981
2 Dakota hymnals and ibid n.d.
3 Dakota language n.d.

Series: Lakota Language
Box Folder
4 1 Bible History in the Language of the Teton Sioux 1924
2 Sioux Indian and Prayer Book 1927
3 A Grammar of Lakota 1939
4 The Pine Ridge Porcupine 1941
4 The Grass Mountain Mouse 1943
5 The Hen of Wahpeton 1943
6 Brave Against the Enemy 1944
Box Folder
5 1 Phonemic Statement for the Teton Sioux 1964
2 Pine Ridge Research Bulletin No´s 6,8,10&11 1968-70
3 Scope of Negation in Sioux 1971
4 Lakota Giveaway Ceremony 1971
5 Lakota Primer, Sioux Indian Translation 1971
5 Everyday Lakota and English-Sioux Dictionary 1971
6 A Lakota and English Hymnal 1972
7 Lakota lessons for the beginner 1973
8 Subordinated and Coordinating Particles in Lakota 1974
9 Ibid 1974
10 Joseph comic book 1976
11 Photo Album — St. Francis Mission 1976
12 Syntactic combinations of verbs in Lakota Sioux 1976
Box Folder
6 1 Lakota Readings 1976
2 Elementary Bilingual Dictionary 1976
3 The Aboriginal Sin 1978
4 Lakota Language I 1978
5 Lakota Language II 1978
6 Lakota language I lab manual n.d.
6 Lakota language II lab manual n.d.
7 Lakota Tales and Texts 1978
Box Folder
7 1 Language learning drills 1979
2 Language learning texts in male speech 1979
3 Environmental health profile and priority projection 1979
4 Language learning texts in male speech 1980
5 Hungry Coyote 1980
5 The Beaver Home Down Along the Little White River 1980
5 The People and the Pilgrims (2) 1980
5 The Dakota Blizzard 1980
5 The Woman who Lived with the Wolves 1980
6 The Owl´s Warning 1980
6 The buffalo go up the river 1980
6 Inside, outside, upside-down 1980
6 The red winged bird and the lost children 1980
6 Stories of the Lakota 1980
7 Lakota Legends 1980
7 How the honey bee got its stinger 1980
7 A Valentine Story 1980
7 Santa Visits the Reservation 1980
7 ABC´s 1980
Box Folder
8 1 Language learning texts 1981
1 Language learning drills 1981
1 Texts on ethnography 1981
2 Siouan languages archive users handbook 1981
2 Making a Life for Ourself 1981
2 Standard Lakota orthography 1982
3 Lakota hymns 1985
4 Calendar 1986
5 Fort Robinson Illustrated 1986
6 Calendar 1992
7 Jesus is Born 2002
8 Phonemic Statement n.d.
9 Sioux Meadowlark Story n.d.
10 A woman joins her lover in death n.d.
11 Ikto ena Iya and Wagli kuwa n.d.
12 How the Oglalas got their name n.d.
13 Ikto Conquers the Iya n.d.
14 Ikto takes his mother-in-law on the warpath n.d.
15 Animal Warriors n.d.
16 Triangle Love Affair n.d.
17 A Song for a Soldier n.d.
18 Europe n.d.
Box Folder
9 1 Sioux Medicine n.d.
2 Two Warriors Meet n.d.
3 Two Texts n.d.
4 Singing Sioux Cowboy n.d.