Library Media Minor

Library Media Minor

This page contains information about the Library Media Minor. If you are looking for information about the K-12 Library Media Endorsement, please refer to this PDF:

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
LIBM 305 Children´s and Young Adults´ Literature (Syllabus) 3
LIBM 404/504 Reference Resources 3
LIBM 421/521 Management of the Library Media Center (Syllabus) 3
LIBM 408/508 Collection Development 2
LIBM 409/509 Library Methods (Syllabus) 2
LIBM 443/543 Information: Organization, Retrieval, and Discovery (Syllabus) 2
LIBM 495/595 Library Practicum (Practicum Proposal) (Syllabus) (Weekly Log) 2
ED 431/531 Library Media & Technology (Syllabus) 3

Course Description

LIBM 305: Children´s and Young Adults´ Literature
This is an introductory course for both children´s and young adult literature. Content will emphasize selection and evaluation of books according to levels, interest, special needs and educational objectives. Prerequisite: None

LIBM 404/504: Reference Resources
This course explores aspects of information retrieval in regard to the needs of the library customer. A variety of print and electronic library resources and search strategies will be reviewed. Prerequisite: None

LIBM 421/521: Management of the Library Media Center
This course includes the principles of administration of the library media center. Some of the areas studied are the standards of media centers, the media center as an educational force, library practices, personnel management, supervision and evaluation of staff, and budgeting. Prerequisite: None

LIBM 408/508: Collection Development
A study of theories and practical aspects of print and electronic collection development and management for libraries. Includes library assessment, selection, evaluation, and policy making. Prerequisite: None

LIBM 409/509: Library Methods
This course is an introduction to a wide variety of library activities for school and public libraries that will incorporate collaboration with teachers, implementation of common core state standards and social media. Prerequisite: None

LIBM 443/543: Information: Organization, Retrieval, and Discovery
Organization and access to information is the central theme. Students will examine: systems and theories of organization; cataloging and classification; subject access, indexing, and metadata; information seeking behavior; and designing access to information. Prerequisite: None

LIBM 495/595: Library Practicum
Applied, monitored and supervised, field-based learning experience for which the student may or may not be paid. Students gain practical experience; they follow a negotiated and or directed plan of study. A higher level of supervision is provided by the instructor in these courses than is the case with field experience courses. Prerequisite: Instructor Permission

ED 431/531: Library Media & Technology
This hands-on course covers current technologies used to evaluate, produce, and operate instructional media, including multimedia aids used in library media centers. It provides an overview of emerging technologies, including the Internet technology used in libraries/media centers. Prerequisite: None

*Subject to change

Course Rotation
Course Sp 19 Su 19 Fa 19 Sp 20 Su 20 Fa 20 Sp 21 Su 21 Fa 21
LIBM 305     X     X     X
LIBM 404/504     X     X     X
LIBM 421/521     X     X     X
LIBM 408/508   X   X       X  
LIBM 409/509   X     X     X  
LIBM 443/543   X     X     X  
LIBM 495/595 X     X     X    
ED 431/531 X     X     X    

*Subject to change


Freng, Sara (LIBM 404/504, LIBM 408/508)

Christian, Beth and Breed, Elizabeth (LIBM 305)

TBD (ED 431/531)

Benvenga, Emily (LIBM 409/509)

Tolan, Mike (LIBM 443/543, LIBM 495/595)

Wilde, Amber (LIBM 421/521)


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